Lady Gaga Dress Up Game

In Lady Gaga Dress Up your greeted with the lady herself dressed so fantastically in Black and Red looking very cool and mystique.

You get to choose from plenty of different clothes and accessories to combine to give Gaga that distinct look she always has. This includes 5 types of blond hair, 5 masks and 6 pairs of shades.

There's also a hint button in case your struggling with what to combine to create that perfect Gaga look. Like with most dress up games the model is static which is to say Lady Gaga doesn't move around a cat walk and you don't get to see her strut her stuff on the dance floor either. She does however look real to life in her still position.

There are many improvements we could suggest for this rather than flat game which has the lasting enjoyment of many online games - that is like 10 minutes. For a start off making Lady Gaga more interactive would be welcome - then you would feel like your actually LG's personal fashion assistant who is taking care of her before she goes on stage. Having a scenario where LG is doing just that would make it terribly exciting. Your ability to dress her in a certain amount of time before she hits the stage would build excitement and suspense and should you fail then LG fails her fans and the concert!

Touring with Lady Gaga to different countries and concerts would bring another edge to the game - help it feel more story based and real to life. There wouldn't need to be too many dramatic enhancements to the games visuals - alot of the story telling, scenery and characters appearing in the game could still be fairly static but the scenario and story line true to real life would make this game for more appealing to fans of Gaga and dress up games too.

Lady Gaga dress up game would also benefit from a little more detail given to the games background. We've mentioned having LG touring in different places and performing at many concerts but with regards to how the game currently looks, it's rather flat and dull in it's details. The environment your dressing LG up in is very plane with no one else about and just a wardrobe full of clothes in front on you. In a real to life challenge there would be other staff members rushing about in the background helping to get LG prepared for her a big show.

Beyond the dress up part of the game it would also be nice to be able to style her makeup and hair. You could be taken to different parts of the room to do this. So her hair could be done from a behind view where by your looking at LG in the mirror. Her make up would be a very a exciting thing to do too. Choosing from a wide range of colours and effects you could give LG that familiar wild look that she has in so many of her videos.

Whether your into simple dress up games or more creative online worlds for girls there are plenty more to play at a number of cool girly websites. We'd recommend checking out the ones reference above for other games aimed at girls who are into fashion and looking as cool as a pop star.