Model wearing Lady Gaga's clothing line.

Fashion Icon

Lady Gaga is not only famous for her rousing music but has also become one of the world's most influential fashion icons wearing some fantastically outlandish outfits that sometimes please, sometimes shock but are never boring. Let's take a look at her take on fashion and her influences.

Gaga's Style

To try to pin Gaga's style down to one genre is impossible as Gaga not only wears her unique outfits but lives through them. Gaga wears unusual creations to say the least, each one being rather like a work of art as opposed to simply something to wear. Every time the lady appears in public, even just to walk down the road to her car she appears in a creation that either shocks or pleases depending on which side of the fence you sit.

Materials do not matter when it comes to Gaga's style as she uses anything and everything from plastic road cones to sea shells to create her look and has been described as the Andy Warhol of the fashion industry. For Gaga her creativity is not simply about her music but is also about her look and her art form where she can express her individuality unhindered.

The Meat Dress

The Meat Dress is most likely the first outfit that comes to mind when we think of how shocking Gaga can be with regard to her fashion ideas. The dress that was made from raw beef made its debut at the 2010 MTV awards where it caused shockwaves and amusement in equal quantity. The dress was designed by Franc Fernandez and caused huge concern to animal rights groups who decreed the dress was in very bad taste. Gaga's whole ensemble was in fact madefrom raw beef including hat, boots, bag and of course dress.

Gaga wore the outfit when receiving her award which was presented to her by a very amused Cher. In 2011 the dress eventually landed in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame following its preservation by taxidermists who enured the dress would not rot away. Gaga is always guaranteed to surprise, while on this ocassion she also shocked her fans by wearing this very unique ensemble.

Lady Gaga's Fashion

The Zany Footwear

Gaga is well known for her love of crazy footwear with her favourite type appearing to be outlandish platform shoes and boots that not only look uncomfortable but have also landed her flat on her face on a number of ocassions. One such event happened at Heathrow Airport when Gaga was sporting a pair of ten inch platform boots! Just when we were wondering how she managed to balance in the boots, BAM! she fell flat on her face much to her embarrassment. Fortunately she came out of the tumble unscathed.

Another zany pair that comes to mind is the Alexander McQueen Jelly shoes that she wore in one of her videos. These unusual shoes had a huge stilleto heel and platform sole, while the front curved down into a rather cumbersome shape. How Gaga walked and stayed upright in these glittery offerings goodness knows but they certainly have achieved iconic status due to the video appearance.

Alexander McQueen was also responsible for the white platform shoes with the twisted pattern that Gaga wore in her Bad Romance video. Gaga has worn the shoes many times inferring they are indeed one of her favourite McQueen creations.

Next on our list of favourites are the studded platforms that Gaga has worn to several events. The whole shoe/boot is covered in gold studs, while the platform at over ten inches high makes them look somewhat of a monstrousity in our opinion.

Finally the shoes with no heel are our last but not least favourites and look in some respects like an illusion. These metallic strappy shoes have a lower platform than her usual footwear but must have been a devil to master as the wearer has to walk around on tip toe with no heel support to sit back on. Gaga certainly chooses style over substance with all her footwear and never fails to please.

Outfits for Stage and Street

Gaga doesn't seem to differentiate between what she wears on stage and what she wears walking the streets of towns and cities worldwide. Indeed photographs of the star walking in public could easily be mistaken for a picture taken during one of her stage performances.

A fine example of this was seen during her recent visit to London when Gaga appeared from her hotel wearing a Japanese themed Geisha outfit complete with shoes and parasol that was shaped like a giant sea shell. Another memorable outfit Gaga wore was when appearing on BBC's Graham Norton Show in London. Gaga then left the studios in the very same outfit. The most memorable feature of this ensemble was the peacock feather headress that she almost poked in the eyes of her co stars on the show many times, causing much amusement to the audience.

Wigs and Hats

Gaga sure loves her wigs and hairpieces and can be seen in some very unusual creations not only on stage but also in her daywear outfits. This lady certainly knows how to wear a wig and is making them popular among her fans too. Gaga seems to suit anything from short cropped wigs to huge boufant extravaganzas that are extremely eye catching. She also sports a range of colours from blonde, brunette and red to purple, pink and green.

Along with a vast array of wigs and hairpieces Gaga also loves her hats some of which look very eccentric. Who could forget the wonderfully zany telephone hat that Gaga wore for her interview on the Jonathan Ross Show. The black sparkly design resembled, well, an old fashioned black telephone complete with curly flex and looked simply divine!

Fans of Gaga are never disappointed when it comes to what she will come up with next in terms of her fashion and style. Whether it shocks or pleases one thing we can say is it is never ever boring!