Album Reviews

It's amazing to think that Lady Gaga has only been around in terms of album and single releases for the last five years! Here we take a look at her album releases. See if you agree with our verdicts!

Debut Album "Fame" Released 2008

Fame was Lady Gaga's first album release and it honoured her devotion to rhythm and blues in a unique way. When we look at Gaga she certainly doesn't look like the typical rhythm and blues singer as she is also a slave to her artistic talents when it comes to what she wears and how she wears it.

Fame has a rhythm and blues bent but is heavily influenced by eighties music in that many of the tracks featured have synthesisers harping back to that era. Many of the tracks have more than a hint of songs that have been successful in the past. The album is aptly titled as most of the tracks allude to fame and the plastic life that sometimes comes with it.

As for the voice, Gaga does have an original sound that is easily recognisable, while all the tunes, except for two, are very catchy. Indeed we found ourselves repeating the "hook" of many of the tunes with ease. A good pop tune needs a hook and Gaga certainly gets us hooked immediately in terms of a catchy tune.

We particularly liked Paparrazi and Poker Face, while many of the tracks are equally as good. Fame received good critical reviews and went on to be a huge success worldwide due to its catchy pop tunes and great accompanying videos. This album was nominated for many Grammys and went on to win Best Electronic/Dance Album at the Grammy Awards that year.

Second Album "Born This Way" Released 2011 

Born This Way was released in May 2011 and topped charts worldwide immediately. Firmly established as a superstar and icon, this album was deemed for success but in our opinion the plaudits are well deserved. Gaga is one of the most exciting artists around at the moment, while her pounding music that is dramatic to the extreme certainly hits the spot when it comes to those fans that eagerly awaited her follow up album. Great tracks include The Edge of Glory which is definitely one of our personal favourites.

Marry The Night the first track has been compared to Madonna's Express Yourself but while most pop songs have elements of other tunes that have gone before we don't agree with this conclusion. The concensus regarding Born This Way however is another story as we kind of agree with the Gay community that Gaga used the tag as some sort of promotional tool. This has been denied of course and is a matter of opinion as Gaga is definitely very popular in Gay circles and supports many of their worthy causes.

Similar to Madonna Gaga aims to shock with her religious overtones in the Judas track, while the video to Judas definitely had the shock factor for some circles. Not all the tracks are the hard hitting disco bashing tunes we love from Gaga, indeed "You and I" is a welcome break from the pounding as it is a song that is clearly intended to calm the atmosphere and hopefully become an anthem in its own way. Some say Gaga has lost her R&B roots producing pop fodder for the masses but we have to admit this album is a pop stonker that will have you dancing in the aisles within minutes!

Third Album "Artpop" Released Nov 2013

In this third and latest album Lady Gaga collaborates with TI, Too Short, Twista and R Kelly. Gaga is quoted a saying that Artpop is " a celebration and a poetic musical journey". The themes in the album surround Gaga's own journey in terms of fame, love, sex, feminism and overcoming addiction.

Artpop is a good mix of R&B and pop that fans will appreciate from the off. The first few tracks are pounding offerings that include "Venus" and "Sex Dreams" and are of a physical if sexual nature, while the album also features a racy and raunchy ballad "Dope" that is all about sinking into the miserable world of drugs.

Already "Do What You Want" is proving a great hit track as we have seen it performed many times over the festive season. On the album this is Gaga's duet with R Kelly, while she does perform the song admirably alone too. Artpop is bound for dizzy heights we are sure, while Lady Gaga never fails to please her "Little Monsters".